Conference History – Sixth Round

Name Affliation Article title
social sciences conference Mrs. Reem Alkuwari University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom The way women and men are portrayed in the newspapers in the state of Qatar during a crisis: the COVID-19 pandemic and Qatar-Gulf Crisis
social sciences conference Mr. Ziem Moamed Rural Delivery Health Care, Cameroon Challenges in Effective Health Delivery System in The South West Region
social sciences conference Prof Dr. Ariadne De Villa Texas Lutheran University, United States The Spanish Language in the U.S.
social sciences conference Prof Dr. Cipriana-Elena Cavas Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania Asyllabization issue in contemporary Romanian language
social sciences conference Mr. Kieran England University of Nottingham, United Kingdom The Gender Recognition Reform Bill: An Issue of Self-Determination for Scotland and its Trans Population
social sciences conference Ms. Sinem Tas Lisbon University, Fine Arts Faculty – CIEBA Research Center, Portugal The Relation Between Photography and Narrative Text: An Analysis of the Photography Series ‘Pigeon Hill – Then and Now’ by Jeffrey A. Wolin
social sciences conference Md. Irmantas Aleksa Outpatient Clinic Karoliniškės; Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Lithuania The Comparison of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory and the Maslach Burnout Inventory in Evaluation of Professional Stress and Burnout among Medical Specialists in Lithuania
social sciences conference Prof Dr. Nejla Peka Faculty of Law, Luarasi University, Albania Early Marriage – One of The Most Serious Violations of Children’s Rights
social sciences conference Ms. Stacy Jarvis The University of Manchester, United Kingdom The Poetics of Quietness in Music of the Late Romantic Era
social sciences conference Ms. Sana Mohammed Hanif Shaikh Universidad Autonoma De Madrid, Spain Contribution of women in Rojava revolution
social sciences conference Dr. Ana Tereza Zelinski Elementary School “Vjekoslav Klaic”, Garcin, Croatia Cognitive-linguistic analysis of the tambura as the target domain of a conceptual metaphor TAMBURA IS A HUMAN BEING
social sciences conference Mrs. Gintarė Kriaučiūnaitė-Lazauskienė Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania Moral Choices Hidden in Advertising: Grounded Theory
social sciences conference Mr. Stefan Johnson Charles University Prague, Czech Republic Excess Mortality, COVID-19, and Financial Inclusion Rates in Romania – Identifying Connections
social sciences conference Ms. Janielle Villamera University of Santo Tomas, Philippines Political Gaslighting of Trolls Under the Duterte Regime
social sciences conference Ms. Wai Mar Phyo University of Szeged, Hungary Doctoral students’ self-perceived abilities to handle stress and anxiety
social sciences conference Prof Dr. Flávio Henrique Batista De Souza Centro Universitário De Belo Horizonte UNIBH, Brazil Minha Bula: Mobile Application to Transcribes Medicine Leaflets for Patients with Visual Impairment
DEXPERIENT: Mobile Application for Solidarity Actions Focused on Providing Life Experiences for People with Disabilities
social sciences conference Ms. Hay Marn Jar Noo Moon University of Szeged, Hungary The educator as positive hero and pupil as orphan hero in “Republic of ShKID” by Belykh and Panteleev and “Pedagogical poem” by A.Makarenko
social sciences conference Dr. Seema Parmar CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India Reflections of Research Output on Odontoma during 1969-2018: A Fifty Year account
social sciences conference Dr. Sandhya Sharma CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India King of India’s Most Ancient Folk Opera Theatre Swang Pt. Lakhmi Chand
social sciences conference Dr. Dinesh Kumari BPSMV,Khanpur Kalan,Sonepat, Haryana, India Research Output of Library Philosphy and Practice (LPP) during 2012-2021: A Bibliometric Study
social sciences conference Mrs. Joyce Aparecida Pires UNESP, Brazil Gender justice and religion: lutheran women in Brazil

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